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Break The Power of Disappointment Today!

Has life turned out the way you thought it would? Do you find yourself repeating the same cycles over and over again. Is life one disappointment after another? Have you began to lose hope and question whether life can ever change for the better? 

THE APPOINTED LIFE is a powerful resource that will help you discover the secret that will empower you to quickly overcome disappointment, restore hope, and finally start to enjoy life again. Preorder yours today and sign up for our next retreat. 

A "Suddenly" Has Been Prepared For You!

You don't have to stay trapped in fear, hopelessness, or despair. There is hope. As a matter of fact, God has prepared a supernatural interruption and He plans to do it quickly. We call this a 'prepared suddenly.' If you are ready to take a step toward the appointed life you were designed for - check out THE APPOINTMENT RETREAT today. 

Join others who have found their freedom!

It's a Game Changer

We made a last-minute decision to attend the retreat and our lives are forever changed! It was a game changer. The revelation wrecked me!


Antoine and Lauren T


Strongholds in our marriage have been destroyed!

God revealed strongholds in our lives that we didn't realize were impacting us. Now, we re have the tools to make our marriage better and step in our appointment as individuals. 

Greg and Kim S.


Amazing Revelation

I learned how to take steps to break strongholds and to walk into the realization that the enemy doesn't have the right to control our lives. 

Erin L.

the BOOK

The secret to overcoming disappointment, restoring hope, and enjoying life.

THE APPOINTED LIFE book is a powerful but simple approach to destroying the power of disappointment in your life. Nothing is hopeless when you find out the source of your disappointment. You will gain clarity on what you need to overcome disappointing circumstances and restore hope to your life. 

THE APPOINTED LIFE book gives you the tools to finally start enjoying life again and the power to fulfill your purpose as God intended.
Don't delay - get yours now.  

Available in 2024.
Formats: eBook, paperback, and hardcover.


You have an appointment. Are you ready? 

THE APPOINTMENT RETREAT is strategically designed to create the space and opportunity for God to do a quick, supernatural work in your life. We call it 'The Appointment'. God has put your name on His calendar. He is preparing a 'suddenly' that will release you from the past and free you to finally live life to the full!


The retreat is hosted at the beautiful Living Waters Retreat site in Hiddenite, North Carolina. You will find a comfortable, private setting, and a safe place for God to gently deal with the disappointments and hurts in your life. Come expecting for the cycle of hopelessness to be broken.  Sign up for your appointment today. 


10 Powerful Lessons. Only One Right Choice.

THE APPOINTED LIFE ONLINE COURSE takes the principles found in the book and the tools from the retreat and blends them together into a disappointment breaking toolbox. Videos, PDF Guides, and bonuses will give you the extra support needed to turn your appointment into the appointed life. 


The course is 10 power-packed lessons that will guide you through strategies to make yoke-breaking and appointed living part of your every day routine. The Appointed Life isn't a book or even merely a retreat - it is - well - the LIFE you were designed to live. Make the right choice and get the course today!

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Meet The Authors


LaShea Colson

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Pastor LaShea Colson lives in Lexington, South Carolina with her husband, Tony. They have four beautiful children and pastor a church plant called ICON Church in the Columbia area. 

Pastor LaShea served as a crisis counselor in Chicago, Illinois and has traveled the world with her husband. She graduated from Lee University with a Masters in Counseling Psychology and operates with a unique prophetic sensitivity that helps bring people to an encounter with God that is life-changing. 

She also leads powerful retreats for women who have an Esther anointing and are called to walk out their purpose in Christ.


Tony Colson

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Dr. Tony Colson is currently serving as Lead Pastor

for ICON Church in the Columbia, South Carolina area. 

He and his wife, LaShea, planted the church in early 2019. He has served as a church planter, associate

pastor, youth pastor, police chaplain, and college professor for Lee University. He and his wife have traveled to 25 countries sharing the message of Christ and have been married 28 years. They have four wonderful children, Kiera, Makena,

Aliyah, and Tegan. He is passionate about helping people

live life to the full! His purpose is to make others great. 


Denise Boggs

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Denise Boggs is co-founder with her husband Lee, of Living Waters Ministry; located in the beautiful mountains of Hiddenite, NC. From her own powerful testimony of healing Denise has written several books: Healing at the Root, Prayers that Cleanse the Heart, and The 21 Day Journey of Healing. Living Waters Ministry is a member of Redemption Ministerial Fellowship International and serves by providing a safe place for pastors, leaders and others to receive ministry. Denise and Lee minister together through “Healing the Heart” retreats where they have seen many lives transformed. Denise and Lee have been married over 43 years and reside in Hiddenite, NC. She and Lee give God all the glory for their three wonderful children, two son-in-laws and four grandchildren.

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