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A Four-Pronged Attack

Verse 1 says, “Now, the serpent was more crafty than any other beast of the field that the Lord God had made.” Even though the enemy is technically powerless over us, he uses schemes and strategies to gain the advantage. Genesis 3 shares the first account when mankind was deceived by his craftiness. The writer of this book shows us the 4-Pronged Strategy that the devil used to introduce the demise of Adam and Eve and ultimately the ‘fall of man’. It is important for you to know because He continues to use this same tactic against us. His goal is to cause the children of God to surrender their rightful place as children and their divine purpose for expressing God’s glory. He can’t force himself on us so he has to trick us into accepting his plan. He does four things with which I want you to become familiar. His strategy doesn’t change. He simply dresses it up in different outfits.

The Four-Pronged Attack of the Enemy:

  1. Questions God’s Word

  2. Challenges Consequences

  3. Attacks God’s Character

  4. Accuses Your Identity

First, the serpent questions God’s Word. “Did God really say that?” Next, he challenges the proposed consequences of disobeying God. “You will not surely die.” Third, he attacks God’s character by challenging his ‘rule’ not to eat of the fruit. His accusation was that God was keeping something from mankind. “God knows who you can be IF you partake in this. This implied that God was actually keeping Eve from who she was meant to be. This last move brings about a test of identity. When Adam and Eve bit, it left a discontentment within which led them down a devastating path. The killjoy spoiled their #joyride.

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