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A Tag Team Is Required.

Read James 4:6-12. As powerful and unstoppable unity is, it doesn’t come easy. It takes the implementation of several intentional steps. First of all, a tag team is required. The first step and second step must acts as partners to start the process. The first step and maybe one of the hardest steps takes courage. We cannot have unity without it. And accordingly, we cannot have God's best without unity. James says, "God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble."

Grace and humility team up to create the opportunity for unity. God is ready to respond with His heavenly resources if we will acknowledge our earthly needs. He gives grace to the humble. Also, a couple of verses later we see another benefit of humility. "Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will exalt you."

This is the upside down approach of the Kingdom. In our human efforts, we strive to get our way. We feel desperate and fight with one another. The world teaches us in order to get ahead we have push others back. In order to rise above we have to push others down. But the Kingdom is different.

Humility acknowledges that our ways are not His ways. Humility creates the capacity for us to respect and honor each other. When we humble ourselves we can celebrates others without fear or jealousy. When we humble ourselves we can put others and their needs before our own.

Why is this important? Without humility, there is no guarantee of grace.

Why is grace important? Without grace, there is no promise of possibility.

Take a few moments and humble yourself. Acknowledge that you need God. Accept that we need each other. Make this declaration with me. "God I need you in every moment of my life." Our recognition of need invites God's release of provision.

Grace is a heavenly resource to meet any earthly need.

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