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An Unstoppable Force

Read Genesis 11:1-9 They are a couple of things that God says that makes impossible things possible for humanity. First of all, God declares that "all things are possible to those who believe." When we align our hearts of faith with God's heavenly power nothing is impossible. Sicknesses can be healed. Lacks can be provided for. Closed doors can be opened. We have heard this preached many times from the pulpit.

The second thing is one that is proclaimed much less often. Nevertheless, it may be so important that without this it may diminish the power of the faith above. We learn about this second resource in Genesis 11. In verse 6, God makes a statement about a group of people who had joined their hearts together around one cause. God says, "nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them."

These ancient ancestors of ours had discovered a secret. They learned that unity is an unstoppable force. Nothing is impossible for those who are one. It is so powerful that God felt compelled to confuse their language and disperse them throughout the earth. I wonder if this is where we get the phrase, "stop babbling". He divided them because they are united on an evil front. Their aim wasn't meant to bring glory to God but rather to promote their own selfish ambitions.

On the other hand, God is constantly calling His people to a commitment of unity around good things. He says, "How good and pleasant it is for brothers to dwell in unity." (Ps. 133:1) Paul charges the Ephesians (and us) to be "eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace." Unity is not easy but it is powerful. Unity is an unstoppable force worth fighting for!

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