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Demand This and God Will Do This.

Read Psalm 133:1-3 A very popular verse that is quoted in Christian circles is, "How good and pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity." We highlight this when we are encouraging people be one and to love one another. Rarely, however, do you hear the verse quoted in it's full context. As we read the rest of this Psalm, we begin to understand WHY it is good for people to live in unity. Our Psalmist compares unity to precious oil that flows down the high priest's beard. This is symbolic of anointing. Anointing represents and is connected to a couple of thoughts in Scripture. First of all, you would anoint a person in order to set them apart for God's work and purpose. Secondly, the anointing represents God's presence 'rubbing' up against His people. We can understand this as God showing up to meet our needs.

Anointing represents position and power. When one has been anointed, they have the position to fulfill their God-given purpose. When they have been anointed, they have the power to accomplish whatever task has been assigned. Anointing creates authority and capacity.

But what does this have to with unity?

Anointing is an amazing resource for an individual. But, there is nothing comparable to a people unified together and empowered by God. Unity is an unstoppable force! This is why the enemy fights so hard to create division in the Church. When we surrender to his lies and divide ourselves, we stop God's anointing and lose His blessing. Blessing?

Yes, blessing. The Psalmist declares that where there is unity, God COMMANDS the blessing of life forevermore. This is the desire of God for you and I. Life and life to the full. And we cannot walk in this without each other. When we discover this we will begin to fight for it. I like to say it like this:

"where unity is demanded, God's blessing is commanded."

The next time you have to choose between unity and division, building up another person or tearing them down, or your rights vs. the responsibility to serve another person remember the power of unity. Unity is an unstoppable force! Let's demand it!

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