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He Knew 2020 Would Come....

The year 2020 has not been the year we had hoped it would be. I remember many people using the catch phrase “20/20 Vision” as they were encouraging people to set goals and make resolutions moving into this important calendar year. However, most of us had no idea the type of clarity we were going to gain from this year’s events. We were setting goals to get out of debt, lose weight, start a business, or write a book. You know, the normal resolution goals that we set each year. None of us were making preparations to survive a pandemic, live through protests, or endure a historic collapse of economic downturn.

And then this success coach comes by and shares verses that can make us feel hopeless and unsettled as we see the state of our world. We have gained clarity but we now have to focus on something we weren’t anticipating. We have learned that people are enslaved by fear, captured by hatred, and desperate for a breakthrough. These realities create an environment for a chaotic, cataclysmic global response to the events happening around us. We see clearly now but wish we could close and reopen our eyes and things would be all bettter.

To finish our meditation today, I want you to look at John 16:32, 33 (better yet, if you have the time read the entire chapter of John 16). We will learn in this passage that even though things are going to get worse before they get better God has overcome the world. He says this to remind us that in Him we have peace. Peace is not controlled or cultivated by external forces. Peace is not dependent on internal feelings. Peace is a Kingdom thing. We can have peace because we have relationship with the Peace Keeper. We can find rest in restless times because our lives are safe in the Ruler’s hands.

Take a moment and adjust your 20/20 Vision. See through His lens. This will help you not to live in fear, respond in hate, or give up through hopelessness. We will win because He has already won. #TogetherWeWin

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