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Peace Be Still...And That's A Command!

Read Mark 4:35-41 Even when we are with Jesus we can find ourselves in a storm. In our passage today we see an interested account where the disciples follow Jesus and it leads them into a great tempest. Did you catch that? They followed Jesus into a storm. Being a Christian can sometimes cause us to have false expectations. For example, we may think that because we pray and fasted and that nothing can go wrong. Or perhaps, because we have been faithful to God that he is going to protect us from any danger.

The reality is that sometimes following Jesus is what gets us into trouble. The disciples must have the same expectation because in our story as Jesus lies sleeping in the boat IN THE MIDST OF A STORM they wake him up ask him the question, "Don't you care that we area perishing?!" We can feel that way to at times. We wonder where God is as we are facing a terrible crisis. This pandemic has made us even more aware of the fragility of life and the uncertainty of earthly realities. Everything can change in a moment. A phone call. A road trip. An unexpected setback, sickness, or disease. And we ask, "God, where are you?"

But we have to remind ourselves that even though Jesus was asleep He was still in charge. And even though we may not sense God's presence or see Him working we must remember that He is above all things and by His Word all things hold together.

Fear causes us to be terrified by the storm. Faith causes us to speak to the storm. "Peace, Be Still!"

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