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Satan’s surprise

Read Hebrew 2:14-16 satan is a fake lion. In all respects, he has no power over you. The only power he has is what we surrender to him. Jesus became human to redeem us. He came to restore your position of authority and to restore your power in life. Verse 14 says, “...through death, he might destroy the one who has the power of death, that is, the devil.” God’s strategy set up Satan with a surprise. On the cross, that moment when the devil thought he was gaining the victory actually served as his defeat. Jesus took from him the power he had usurped from us. Humanity was not created to live in servitude to anything or anyone but God Himself. Satan with cunning robbed us of our glory. BUT God! Jesus died that he might redeem us and give us back the glory that was originally intended. Tomorrow, we are going to look at the strategy that satan used in the Garden against Eve - which is the same strategy that he is using today on you and I. Take joy, you have power over the enemy. #joyride

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