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The First Time Ever....

Read Genesis 3:7-11 Until now, I can imagine that God’s arrival to the garden was something similar to those times when my kids were younger and I would return home from work. You would hear footsteps hurrying across the floor of the house with sounds of “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!“

This time...the first time ever...The Father of creation wasn’t greeted.

The garden was perhaps overcast by an erie silence. Well, other than birds chirping and the wind blowing his prized creation was absent. Unfortunately, their new perspective - “their eyes were opened” brought a different understanding of the relationship to God.

For the first time ever, they were hiding.

For the first time ever, they experienced what we call fear.




Fear changes how everything looks and feels. Their sin stained their pure minds with this poison. Unfortunately, this sin and this fear that it awakened caused things to spiral out of control. Sin and fear still impact us the same way. It causes us to avoid what we should be connected with and connect with what we should avoid.

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