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The Upward Call

Read Philippians 3:12-16 Sometimes we can get stuck in a rut. We start going through the motions of life responding to the 'tyranny of the urgent' and find ourselves in a demoralizing cycle. At best, we maintain an 'average' life of status quo or worse we fall into a downward spiral that leads to loss, failure, and brokenness.

As believers, God is calling us 'upward'. God NEVER intends to leave us where He found us. His desire is to move us from one degree of glory to a higher degree. His plan is for us to strive toward the 'prize' of the upward call. This higher calling isn't necessarily referring to 'heaven' as a place up there. It is a higher place of living in which we function through God's vantage point. We respond to things from His perspective. We pursue things for His glory. And we live life to the full because He is our life!

Today, I encourage you to PRESS toward this goal. Don't allow the things of the past or the pressure of the moment to keep you from moving upward toward God's intended future for you.

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