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Trust Me....

Genesis 3:1-7 The last part of verse 1 reveals the starting point of our enemy’s effort to get us to forfeit victory in life. The Bible says, “He (the serpent) said to the woman, ‘Did God actually say, ‘You shall not eat of any tree in the garden?’ The enemy began first with questioning God’s Word. He does the same to us today. If we listen, he creates questions in our minds as it relates to every aspect of God’s Word.

  • God’s will to heal

  • His desire to provides

  • His wisdom to direct us

  • He counsel as it relates to our relationships

If he can foster doubt in our minds as it relates to God’s Word or at least the intention of His Word, he can lead us astray. He can literally lead us down a path that our Father in heaven never intended for us.

God’s Word to us is found in the Bible. Satan strives to cause us to disbelieve it, distrust it, and to render it irrelevant in our lives. He might say things like,

  • “Did God really means this for you?”

  • “That was for that culture, this is not applicable to 2020.”

  • “Did God really say not to _________”

  • “Did God really intend for you to. __________”

You fill in the blanks.

The risk is that once we lose our trust in His Word we lose trust in His character.





We tend to allow our experiences, reason, and even preferences to determine our interpretation of God’s Word. Notice in verse 6, it says ‘when the woman saw...”

Her doubt opened her eyes to see something that she had not seen before. This ‘unapproved’ fruit now seemed desirous. This happens to us as well. When we don’t allow the Word to interpret the Word, we begin to see through a different set of lenses. Make a commitment today to allow God’s Word to be your guide and not YOUR filter of it. How do you respond when God says, "Trust me"?

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