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Who Are You?

Proverbs 23:7 “As a man thinks in his heart, so he is....” Personal identity is a significant factor in the way you and I do life. We can have money, career, health, and good relationships and yet sabotage our future and opportunities because of the way we view ourselves. Literally, our personal identity can cause us to forfeit what is rightfully ours. In Genesis 3:5, the enemy attacked Eve’s personal identity. He caused her to question who she was. God knows that when ‘eat this’ you will become who you are supposed to be. His strategy moved quickly from questioning God’s Word, sinful consequences, and God’s character, to who she was. He tricked her into thinking that God was keeping her from being who she was created to be. “God knows” if God was the deceiver. Isn’t that amazing?

The deceiver deceives us into thinking that God is the deceiver.

Rather than being content with who God had made her, she began to question everything.

Maybe I am missing out on something.

Maybe I am supposed to have this ‘fruit’.

Is this who I am really am or am I someone different?

When you question everything, anything is an option.

His strategy continues today. He plants a lie in the mind of individuals. They, we, begin to consider ways, ideas, identities that are contrary to our divine purpose but seem to make sense when we consider them from the vantage point of deception.

You were created to be a victor but see yourself as a failure.

You were created to be content but see yourself missing out on life.

You were created to be in a happy marriage but begin to think there is ‘fruit’ that you deserve to partake in.

Don’t allow the enemy to rob you of life by convincing to take a path of death.

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