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Would you be disappointed with yourself if you never did this...

There was something inside me that wouldn't go away. It was a voice, a message that would show up to give me direction and even help others at times when I was courageous enough to share. What I didn't realize was how important it was for me to get what was inside me out. My journey was a journey of hope and victory. Could it be that what I went through would help someone else?

But why would anyone listen to me?

What if no one likes it?

What if it is a waste of time?

Questions like these fought against the message burning inside. These questions and fears became like water on fire. And, of course, life would happen. Sickness. Setbacks. I would get side-tracked but there was something in me that would never go away.

This message, these thoughts were the seeds of a book that needed to be written. It needed to be written for the lady who would have given up on her dream, the teenager who - without truth - would stay in his bondage, and the pastor who needed hope when she felt like a failure.

What if I would have never written my book, Unlocking Your Divine DNA?

I may have died with the regret of silencing the voice within that was supposed to be heard.

What about you? Will you be satisfied if you silence your story? Will you be proud of yourself for allowing that fire to go out?

Will you be disappointed with yourself if you never write that book?

You don't have to be. There is a solution. It's waiting for you.

Don't allow another excuse to keep you from becoming an author! Now is the time to take your next best step.

What helped me, you ask? I invested in me. I invested in me by hiring a coach.

I needed more than an accountable partner. I needed more than a cheerleader. I needed a coach and a community that would provide the framework to move me from a guy with a desire in his heart to an author with a book in his hand.

Tomorrow, my coach is ready to serve you. He is ready to give you the opportunity to become who you are called to be. Go to and sign up today to join this FREE Live Webinar with Kary Oberbrunner. This is what you will get:

  • a proven system

  • a week by week, step by step action plan

  • a community of peer authors

  • a coach who is regularly available to help you avoid big mistakes that would cost big money

but most importantly, you will get to become who you are supposed to be. An author.

Hello, I am Tony Colson, I am an author who believes you can become one as well!

Don't wait. Go to and sign up today!

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