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Human knowledge once doubled every thousand years.
Today, it’s every twelve hours. No wonder we can’t keep up!

Welcome to the Attention Economy—where you are the product. In this digital landscape, they keep score with eyeballs and eardrums. Your attention—even for a few seconds—translates into cold, hard cash they’re willing to manipulate and even hack you for.

The truth is, you’re getting hacked every day, and you don’t even realize it. A hack is when someone or something gains unauthorized access to a computer or a system. Want to know something scary? People can be hacked. It happens millions of times a day. Your focus is the prize—and they’ll hack you to get it.

Does this sound familiar? You cleared your schedule, woke up early, and informed your family and friends you’re unreachable. An entire day dedicated to finally working on your dream.

Buzz. Ring. Beep. Five minutes in, another disruption. Notifications flash across your screen. Focus. Where were you? Your phone vibrates. Now you crave a distraction and the dopamine fix. Scroll. Scroll. Who are you kidding? Productivity plummets. Morale declines. Your dream gets sidelined and sabotaged—yet again. Unless you’re Unhackable.

Better than money, power, or connections—Unhackable is the new secret weapon of super achievers—the ones who live their dreams.

Kary Oberbrunner made it his mission to discover if humans could become Unhackable. After a six-year exploration of neurobiology, art, science, technology, education, athletics, the military, and business, he emerged with an answer—the unmistakable elixir behind all idea achievement and productivity.

This book reveals that answer in 30 daily missions. Discover how to

· create a life you love defined by freedom, finances, and fulfillment
· tap into your hidden ability for superhuman focus to get more done in far less time
· organize your life around “flow”—where you feel your best and perform your best
· wake up every day thrilled to live your dream

Ditch the hype. Tap into hope. Science fiction has blurred into science fact. Time to become Unhackable.

Award-winning author and international entrepreneur Kary Oberbrunner makes high performance, productivity, and goal achievement a breeze for busy professionals struggling to maintain laser focus in a world riddled with distraction.


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