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Don't You Dare Quit!

Read Galatians 6:9-10 Life gets hard. Things don't work out like you had hoped them to. People disappoint you. Leaders fail you. Church's hurt you. Life happens. And then there are the rare times that everything happens at once and you want to hide in a cave or worse end it all and just give up. But God has sent me by today to say to you, "Don't You Dare Quit!"

He has a purpose for you. You are unique and He has chosen you. He is proud of you and loves you right where you are. He is ready to help you to take the next steps into your destiny. Yes, it is going to be hard. Yes, people are going to disappoint you. And yes, you are going to be ashamed of yourself sometimes. But don't you dare quit.

Greatness is waiting. Glory is prepared for you. Grace is sufficient for you.

Today, I encourage you to lift up your head. Get back in the race and never settle for second best. God has a future and a hope planned out for you. He is committed to working the bad things out for your good. So, go get um! Great is He that is in you than he that is in the world! This is your day!

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