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Experience The Refreshing of Water24

Have you ever felt empty inside like a well with no water?  Existing but empty.  After great betrayals, disappointments, and pain I found myself to be an empty well. During prayer I told God I had nothing left. He responded with “Dig your well”.  That night I began to dig my well and overflow began to spring forth in my life.   


Water24 is a powerful retreat to help you dig your well and experience overflow in every area of your life.  This retreat will empower you to let go of the past, experience  the present, and confidently flow into you future.


The Water 24 Retreat

The Water 24 Retreat is offered in various locations around the United States of America. Women have experienced times of refreshing in places like Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and Sedona, Arizona. The settings are prepared to be safe, peaceful places of rest and renewal. 

The unique gifting and sensitivity that Pastor LaShea brings creates an optimal atmosphere for freedom and long-anticipated miracles to occur deep within. 

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Transformed Before My Eyes

In life, we all hit bumps in the road and it’s priceless to have someone who can help you walk past those bumps and help you become whole. Pastor LaShea has been that person for me. Her ministry is from the precious, pure heart of a warrior who has faced the giants and slain them in her own life. Her experience, revelation, and guidance has helped me overcome even the hardest things I had to battle. It is a pleasure to work to bring more women into her ministry scope and watch lives transformed before my eyes. When something works, you want the whole world to know.

Cheryl C.


I Was Able To Be Myself!

Attending the W24 retreat blessed me in many ways.  The encouragement, prayers and tears shared with my fellow sisters in Christ is indescribable.  It was a chance to unplug and spend some much needed intimate time with God. I was able to totally be myself, unapologetically and without judgment, emptying my soul only to be replenished in ways I didn't know I needed. The experience itself, as well as the lessons taught,  are truly enlightening and life changing. I would definitely attend again.

Andrea S.


I'm No Longer Empty.

The W24 retreat helped me release the pain that I thought I could handle myself. But I realized I was only suppressing my pain. Acting like it wasn't there. I realized I don't have to hold on to pain I can let pain, disappointment, rejection, and being unappreciated go. The W24 Retreat caused me to look deep within myself and get rid of the pain that was causing me to draw back from being who God says I am because the greater one lives inside of me. Also, knowing I'm the only one can stop me from being more than a conqueror.  I'm no longer empty. I will never be the same

Veronica R.


LaShea Colson

Pastor LaShea Colson lives in Lexington, South Carolina with her husband, Tony. They have four beautiful children and pastor a church plant called ICON Church in the Columbia area. 

Pastor LaShea served as a crisis counselor in Chicago, Illinois and has traveled the world with her husband. She graduated from Lee University with a Masters in Counseling Psychology and operates with a unique prophetic sensitivity that helps bring people to an encounter with God that is life-changing. 

She also leads powerful retreats for women who have an Esther anointing and are called to walk out their purpose in Christ.

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