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I thank God for you...

Read Philippians 1:3,4 In the United States, this is Memorial Day. It is a day that we stop and remember very important people in our history. Without these brave men and women, our nation wouldn’t be the same as it is today. We wouldn’t know the conveniences, the privileges, and most important the liberty of being a nation of people with the ideal of pursuing happiness. We honor and remember the ones who gave up everything to serve our country. Also, if you are a veteran or one of our Active Military personnel, let me stop and say, ‘Thank you’ for being willing to serve and, if necessary, to pay the ultimate price. I am grateful for your commitment to a cause that is bigger than you and significantly larger than any one moment in time. We are indebted to you.

In our passage today, the Apostle Paul stops and remembers some important people in his life. He gives thanks for those who have partnered with him in a cause that is also bigger than any one person or moment in time. His gratitude was for individuals who had invested into his life and ministry giving him the opportunity to serve the Kingdom of God, a ‘nation’ of people reborn in the image of Christ, the one True King.

As you stop and reflect on what is important today, remember our fallen heroes and our veterans. Also, be thankful for the others in your life that have made a difference in who you are. Thank God for the people that He have served you and given their time to help you, to nurture you, to mentor you, and to love you. #WeRememberYou

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