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The Fall Out Of The Fall

Read Genesis 3:6-13 Eve’s deceiver challenged the consequences of eating the fruit. God said they would die.

She ate.

He ate.

They didn’t die.

Or at least they didn’t die like they thought they were going to die. First of all, the life they had known up to that point died. Pure joy. Complete happiness. No fear. No pain. No worries. Life - life to the full...died.

Unfortunately, the death that they suffered was more than just a physical death. Death touched every aspect of life. And then the fall out happened.

Fear entered. Shame and then blame. Ultimately, curses overtook the blessed life God had intended for mankind.

How have you been touched by the fall? The fact is that all of us have been touched by it. We were born into it. “For all have sinned glory and fallen short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3:23). #fallout #joyride

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