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Isn’t it time you discovered your divine DNA?


What if everything that you needed was locked behind a glass door? You could see it. You feel like you can almost touch it at times. And yet, the door remains locked. Living just out of reach of these treasures is nothing less than tormenting. But what if someone approached you with a key that would unlock the door?

Would you take that key?

Would you open that door?

Author, speaker, and pastor Dr. Tony Colson understands a profound truth. There is Divine DNA within each one of us. He went from a person who was broken, confused, and plagued by fear, into a man with confidence now seeing his dreams come true. Unlocking your Divine DNA shares these secrets. He will share keys that will help you escape the past and open your eyes to a bright new future. You will learn how personal identity impacts the life you’re currently living.

True transformation begins with a new set of keys. Those keys are now in your hands. Will you unlock the divine DNA within you?


Quote by Pastor Ron:

“Tony will help you discover the five components of your Divine DNA. You are going to be excited to know that you have been empowered with blessing, equipped to increase, positioned to rule, created for healthy relationships and called to a unique purpose!”

Ron Carpenter, Jr.

Redemption Church

Unlocking Your Divine DNA

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